Community Starters

Radical Communities

Radical Communities is a series of studies for Small Groups.

The first one is titled Don’t Walk Alone, and it is an introduction to life in community.

It is followed by That One Thing, which focuses on our relationship with God and our misunderstanding of His nature.

If you’re new to Small Groups, this program is a great place to start.


RISE is 30-Day men’s challenge that has transformed thousands of lives with a practical plan to help you live out your faith where it matters most…in everyday life.


Strive is a 21-day men’s challenge with a step by step plan to break free of pornography. Journey with Matt Fradd and brothers from around the world each day in the online community. 

Blessed is She

Blessed is She is a Catholic women’s community committed to deepening a life of prayer starting with daily Scripture devotionals and supportive sisterhood.

Close Friends Sharing Coffee or Tea

Chastity Project

Chastity Project is a ministry of Jason and Crystalina Evert that promotes the virtue of chastity through seminars, resources, clubs, and social media.