Frassati Houses

“In this earthly life after the affection for parents and sisters, one of the most beautiful affections is that of friendship; and every day I ought to thank God because he has given me men and lady friends of such goodness who form for me a precious guide for my whole life.”

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati
Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati
Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Frassati Houses are still in the early stages of development.  If you’d like more information as they become available, please register as a user with the Generation AtL website and stay tuned.


To create households of young adults who live in intentional communities of prayer and fellowship for the sake of the Kingdom.


To live in fraternity with other Catholics striving for holiness, in order to “sharpen” one another as disciples.


  • Prayer – Centering one’s life in Christ.
  • Authentic relationships – Building relationships in Christ through life in community.  
  • Hospitality – Sharing one’s heart and life with others generously with no strings attached.
  • Evangelization –Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed—being constantly evangelized and formed for discipleship.

What’s in a name?

The houses take their name from Blessed Pier Giorgio Michelangelo Frassati.  Blessed Frassati was born in Turin, Italy on April 6, 1901.  He passed away at the young age of 24, on July 4th 1925.  Hundreds of people, many of which the poor, followed his coffin in the streets.  He was beatified on May 20th by Pope John Paul II in in St Peter’s Square, in the presence of thousands of young people.  He is unofficially the patron saint of students, Catholic youth, mountain climbers, skiers, and more.  His incorrupt body rests in the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Turin.

He left this world rather young, but he made a mark upon our entire century, and not only on our century.

Pope Saint John Paul II

Pier Giorgio once wrote that we should never just exist but live.  And even though his life was short, lived it was.  It was packed full of interests and activities.  He loved swimming, sailing, skiing, hiking, biking, fencing, and horseback riding.  But his real passion was mountain climbing, which he organized with his friends, and served as opportunities for his apostolic work. He never missed a chance to lead his friends to Mass, to the reading of scripture, and to praying the rosary.   He studied engineering; he took piano, dance lessons, and loved to sing.  He had a rich sense of humor and a limitless love for God.   Even though he was born into an influential family, he preferred to spend his time serving the poor and forgotten.

The Society of the Tipi Loschi was a group founded by Pier Giorgio.  It consisted of a few of his closest friends, both men and women.  The primary activity was the organization of hikes, mountain climbing, or other excursions.  The name translates to “shady characters”, and reflects the humor he was known for.  Despite all of the playfulness surrounding the group, there was an underlying serious aspect to it.  He formed the group knowing that his friends were starting to go their separate ways as they were finishing college, marrying, beginning careers, etc.  His desire was that they would form a permanent bond through union in prayer and be a source of mutual spiritual support for one another as they met the daily challenges of life.  A month before his death, Pier Giorgio Frassati and some of his friends had been climbing in the Val di Lanzo, where some difficult points had to be overcome by climbing or by using a double rope. On the back of the photo which shows him holding onto the rock gazing up toward his goal, he later wrote the words, “Verso l’alto” — or, in English, “toward the top” or “to the heights”.  It is a short phrase which synthesizes his way of life: always seeking what enhances, that which carries us beyond ourselves, toward the best we can be as people, toward the best of ourselves. It is to strive toward perfection of life; in other words, toward sainthood. It means to strive toward the source of life, that is, God.

Blessed Frassati knew well the struggle of living a life of Holiness, and understood that it is best achieved in community.  It is his boundless joy, zeal for fraternal charity and the idea of intentional community, that the Frassati houses are named.  May we always help each other to ever strive toward the top.